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Formal and legal services

Formal and legal services related in the construction of a house cover a wide range of activities in providing professional assistance. Our customers receive full support in the construction process to ensure effective and efficient implementation of the project.

We can handle activities such as:

  • Adaptation of the selected house design and creating a complete construction project. This service involves tailoring the design of the house to the investor's individual needs and requirements as well as developing a complete construction project that will include all the necessary information needed to carry out the construction.
  • Formal procedures in notification/obtaining a building permit that covers preparation and submission of an application for a building permit/notification, obtaining the necessary opinions, certificates and administrative decisions plus correspondence with authorities and institutions.
  • Construction surveying that involves preparation and execution of surveying documentation related to the construction of a house. This service also includes site surveys, drafting surveying maps and other documents necessary for construction.
  • Supervision by a construction manager and running a construction log as other important elements. For each investment a specialist is assigned to be responsible for the control and supervision of the construction process, including the quality of workmanship and timeliness.
  • Drafting as-built documentation to complete the documentation necessary for the acceptance of a building upon completion of construction. The documentation includes descriptions of works and materials used during construction.
  • Handling the paperwork to complete the construction of the house as the last part of the formal and legal service. This primarily includes notification of the building to the land and building registry and obtaining a decision on the occupancy permit. Eventually the customer receives full support in the process of building a house to help carry out the entire project efficiently and effectively.