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With our turnkey finishing offer our customers no longer have to worry about the next steps in creating a house. WESTA TRE offers a complete service that covers all finishing works as well as the assembly and installation of all necessary components.

The service includes filling and painting ceilings and walls. We always offer decorative elements of the main walls to give the interior a remarkable character. In addition, we install underfloor heating with infrared heating mats and panels on the floors, which will certainly increase the comfort of the house. Our professional staff can also install interior doors. We carry out finishing work in the bathroom, including installation of waterproof wall and floor tiles, a shower cabinet with a faucet, a washbasin with a faucet and cabinet, a suspended toilet and a mirror. For customers who need full kitchen equipment we can order furniture and kitchen appliances.

With such an extensive offer our customers receive a ready-to-occupy house, without having to carry out any additional work. Our service ensures full comfort and convenience and guarantees fully professional execution of works for our customers to enjoy their new house from the first day after receiving the keys from us.

With our customers in mind we prepared suggestions for interior design styles to make it easier for them to find the perfect decor, Thus everyone can create a space that reflects their character and the way of life, while providing appropriate comfort and aesthetics:

  • Klassik style is a combination of simplicity and unforced elegance for achieving a unique atmosphere in the rooms. Using bright colours and natural materials gives the interiors a pleasant and peaceful character. This is a classic at its best, which never loses its relevance.
  • Fjell style is a combination of a modern style and tradition, inspired by Norway's typical highland cottages. Warm shades of wood, greys and natural colours, bring into the house closeness to nature and a pleasant atmosphere. In the Fjell style classic forms and simple lines are combined with rustic elements. Fjell-style interiors are primarily spacious and functional rooms, dominated by where natural light. This style features a harmonious combination of elegance and simplicity, creating unique interiors that encourage relaxation and leisure.
  • Glamour style is a combination of classic and modern elements. Colours in shades of white, beige and grey, complemented by elements of gloss, builds a unique and exceptional character. Glamour style is for people who appreciate elegance, prestige and sophistication. Introducing elements of luxury and classic elegance to the interior sensationally blends with modern solutions.
  • Moderne style is a modern decor that strongly refers to the interior trends of recent years. Strong accents of black and gold plus geometric forms give a touch of the avant-garde into the home. Combined with light pastel colours, wooden elements and modern furniture, the Moderne style creates a harmonious and unique interior.