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Erection of a modular house

Building a modular house is a much faster process than erection a traditional building, since most of the work is done in a production plant rather than on a construction site. Our customers choose this form of construction because it is convenient, environmental friendly as well as functional and aesthetic.

Erecting a modular house covers several successive stages:

  • Design - the initial decision on the design of the house. We offer ready-made designs or we can design your home individually with the help of an architect.
  • Production - when the design is approved, we pre-fabricate the modules at the production facility. Each module is prepared as per precise specifications to ensure excellent quality and durability.
  • Transportation - when the production stage is completed, the modules are transported to the construction site selected by the Investor.
  • Assembly - when delivered to the construction site, the modules are put together to form a finished house. Installation is usually very quick - usually between one and a dozen days.
  • Finishing - the next step, which follows assembly, is the interior finishing. This can be done by the customer or with the help of our designers and contractors.
  • Moving in - when relevant authorities have been notified of work completion, you can move into your new modular home!