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STEICO building system

Our modular houses are a true masterpiece of construction technology. Each of our buildings has been designed with the convenience and comfort of residents in mind. Owing to the STEICO building system involving timber frame technology, our houses are very strong and sturdy. The combination of the timber structure and the concrete foundation ensures stability and safety of the entire structure.


Solid roofing

The wooden framed roof, filled with 25 cm thick wood wool and covered with standing seam metal sheets, gives the modular homes a modern look and provides excellent protection against changing weather conditions.

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

Our modular houses are an example of the harmonious combination of beauty and functionality. Exterior load-bearing walls, made of I-beams in a timber frame structure, filled with wood wool, guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, which also means lower building maintenance costs.

Durable and aesthetically pleasing façade

A ventilated façade is usually made of spruce façade boards and standing seam metal sheets, which adds a natural and welcoming touch to the whole structure.

Optionally the façade can be finished with plaster to give the building a traditional look.

Energy-efficient windows meet current technical requirements, and are made of a triple pane glazing package as standard. Exterior doors, made of high-quality materials, ensure protection against noise and cold, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.




The walls of a modular house are built from several layers, each with its own purpose, together forming a well-thought-out diffusion-open wall system.

  • Drywall, the finishing layer of each wall which can be used for any interior design.
  • Oriented strand board (OSB) - in our wall it serves two functions. First of all, it stiffens the entire structure but it acts as a vapour barrier. It prevents water vapor from penetrating the insulating layers of the wall. Unlike other manufacturers who use OSB from the outside, in our modular houses it is placed inside. This prevents moisture from entering the building, and if moisture still gets inside, it is drained to the outside. Using OSB from the outside may lead to moisture accumulation in the walls, which in turn can lead to fungus and damage to the wooden structure.
  • Another element is the Steico Joist I-beam structure, which features high strength and stability. I-beams are lightweight yet very strong, can be quickly and easily installed. The I-beam shape of the beams eliminates thermal bridges.
  • The space between Steico Joist beams is filled with Steico Zell-blown wood wool insulation - an innovative insulation that is highly efficient and effective. Wood wool is a natural material that provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The insulation is blown into the spaces between structural beams and provides excellent thermal insulation.
  • Steico Universal insulation boards are installed on the outside of the wall structure, featuring wind and water protection. This board is waterproof but vapour-permeable, for water vapours to flow freely from the inside of the partition.
  • Battens, counter-battens - these are elements that are mounted on the outside of the insulation board and are used to fix the exterior facade.
  • The facade is an exterior finish that gives the modular house a modern look. The façade of our modular hoses can be made of wood or standing seam metal sheets and can also be plastered.

All of the above-mentioned structural elements form together full and highly effective protection against weather conditions and provide thermal and acoustic insulation, which means convenience and energy savings in the use of a modular house.





At WESTA TRE, we became experts in pre-fabrication and erection of modular houses. With our vast experience we are sure that our houses feature a lot of advantages that mean comfort and safety for their occupants.

Oto najistotniejsze z nich:

  • Fire protection: WESTA TRE modular houses are manufactured of materials that feature very good fire resistance. Walls built in the Steico system are rated as fire retardant.
  • Vapour diffusion: buildings are designed to be robust and breathable. We use a system of diffuse open walls for natural air exchange, which affects the comfort of residents and prevents formation of harmful mould and fungi. The dew point phenomenon can lead to condensation inside the walls. The outer layer of the wall built of diffuse open materials is used to help water vapour migrate freely and eliminate this phenomenon.