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WestaTre supports the realisation of your dream. Interview with Beata Wróblewska

Could you tell us about your position at WestaTre and how you help people realise their dream of owning a home?

I am authorised to direct construction, allowing me to successfully lead clients through the entire investment process. I can point out what they should look out for while they are still in the process of purchasing a plot of land, what the formal process is, how to deal with a building permit or application, and what stages should be taken in order. This is a major benefit for the clients because they are working with a technical person who can advise and support them at each stage of the project.

Such discussions happen on a daily basis. With a grain of salt, don't you get tired of doing the same paperwork for so many customers?

Each situation is unique, with its own set of obstacles and difficulties. This keeps my work exciting and keeps it from becoming monotonous, even when I'm dealing with my forty-fifth or hundredth client. And I have a feeling it will stay that way for a long time (laughs).

What are the benefits to the customer of deciding to build a house with WestaTre?

A customer who chooses to work with us does not have to worry about those elements that usually make the dream of having one's own home overwhelming. We offer a package of formal and legal services, which includes the service of a construction manager, surveying services, adaptation of the project by an architect and other necessary services. This way, the client can rest assured that apart from signing a power of attorney for us, he can only wait to receive the keys. This significantly simplifies the process and takes all the paperwork associated with erecting one's own house off the client's mind.

Have there been any cases when the customer's problem was not solved?

There was a situation where, unfortunately, we had to inform the customer that he would not be able to build a house on the purchased parcel of land. The problem was solved in a way that the buyer chose to acquire another piece of land. But this time, he kept in touch with us, and we assisted in the selection and acquisition procedures to make sure the site would be suitable.

What is the key aspect that can affect the possibility of building a house on a given plot of land? How to avoid such a problem, which the mentioned client faced?

The plot's land use, which is specified in the local zoning plan, is the most important. You may build a home there if the land is zoned for residential use or individual recreation. It might not be possible for other designations. Although it occasionally succeeds, the process is typically long and challenging.

Tell us about the currently popular program of building a house by application. Is the procedure significantly different from obtaining a building permit?

Not everyone knows that these procedures differ only slightly and mainly when it comes to waiting time for approval. The application saves time, as we have a quiet approval 21 days after submission, unlike the construction permit, where the waiting time is up to 60 days. On the other hand, the formalities, the documents that need to be prepared and submitted, are very similar. So it is impossible to talk about less formalities. That's why we always advise clients to put up a house that meets their expectations, instead of trying to comply with the regulations and giving up extra metres.

And in all formalities WestaTre will help. Beata, thank you for the interview.

Thank you.

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