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My role is to turn dreams into reality. Interview with Tomasz Niedźwiecki, Sales Specialist at WestaTre

Tomasz Niedźwiecki is our expert responsible for market development in southern Poland. Although he joined us only recently, he has already had many conversations with clients and participated in the most important event of the quarter - the BUDMA 2024 trade fair in Poznań. In a short interview, he shares his thoughts on the future of modular construction and the opportunities we offer as WestaTre - an expert in making our clients' dreams of their own home come true. We invite you to read more.

Tomasz, welcome aboard. Let's start by introducing you to our audience. Can you tell us more about your role at WestaTre and the region you are responsible for?

Of course. My main role at WestaTre is to take our brand to new heights - literally and figuratively. As the person responsible for acquiring new clients and nurturing relationships with our existing partners, I focus on coordinating sales processes in one of the most picturesque regions of our country - the south of Poland.

Our modular homes, which combine modernity and harmony with nature, find their ideal place among mountainous landscapes, on the shores of lakes or in the heart of forests. My job is to realise our customers' dreams of having their own home or a fast-returning investment, because we have to admit that the southern region is also famous for this.

Before joining the WestaTre team, did you already have experience working with timber-framed modular homes, or is this new to you?

My adventure in the real estate and construction industry has a history. Prior to joining the WestaTre team, my career was mainly focused on the real estate sector, where I coordinated residential fit-outs and market analysis. This experience allowed me to deepen my knowledge of a variety of building materials and finishing technologies, which proved to be a solid foundation for understanding construction processes.

Although the timber-framed modular home industry is a relatively new area for me, I am discovering many points of commonality with the traditional building industry that I know from the past. I am fascinated by how the innovative approach in WestaTre modular homes combines with classic methods to create something unique and sustainable. This is an interesting challenge for me and an opportunity to develop further in this rapidly changing industry.

What interests our clients most is the standard of finish of our homes. Can you give those interested an idea of the finishing options they can choose from at WestaTre?

At WestaTre, our priority is to deliver homes that are not only stunning in their architecture, but also in their standard of finish. Every one of our homes is delivered in an as-built condition, which is comparable to what most customers encounter when buying flats. This means that at the time of handover, our houses have all plumbing, electrics, windows, entrance doors and necessary installations installed. The walls are finished with gypsum boards, which gives our clients the freedom to personalise the interiors to their own liking.

What's more, we want our clients to be able to tailor the house to their unique lifestyle and taste. That is why we offer a turnkey finishing option in four different styles. From luxurious finishes a'la marble and gilding, to boho-style arrangements closer to nature, using wood and greenery to reflect and enhance the connection with the surrounding environment.

It is important to emphasise that our range of finishes is not only attractively priced, but also of high quality. By working with trusted suppliers and experienced contractors who are familiar with our products, we are able to provide finishes that meet the highest standards of aesthetics and functionality. I am proud to recommend our services because I know that every detail is thought through and the project is completed quickly and efficiently, which is our hallmark.

You've been with us for a couple of months now, you were also at the BUDMA trade fair in Poznań. What other questions and doubts do you deal with from customers regarding modular construction?

In our conversations with clients, we often come across questions about the safety and durability of modular houses built from wood. Poland has traditionally been dominated by buildings made of brick or silicate, which are seen as synonymous with solidity. Wood, although associated with warmth and naturalness, is sometimes mistakenly considered a less stable material.

However, it is worth noting that in many regions of the world, especially where climatic conditions are extreme - such as in Norway, Sweden or Iceland - timber construction is not only popular, but also proven. WestaTre modular houses, erected in areas exposed to strong winds or heavy snowfall, perform well, confirming their high durability and adaptability to difficult conditions.

Our customers, choosing locations such as mountains or coastlines, can count on houses that not only blend in beautifully with their surroundings, but are also safe and durable. We give a 30-year guarantee on our constructions, which is the best proof of their solidity and durability.

We want to dispel all doubts and show that modern modular construction on a wooden structure is not only an ecological and energy-saving option, but above all safe, warm and resistant to extreme conditions. Our aim is to convince customers to reject outdated beliefs and approach the innovative solutions we offer with confidence.

How long does it take to build and install a WestaTre modular home, and what should customers planning such an investment know?

Building a modular home with WestaTre is a fast and efficient process that not only provides our clients with high-quality homes, but also saves time. From the start of production to final assembly on the client's plot, the whole process usually takes a few weeks, depending on the size and specifications of the project. Installation at the final site takes us from one day to about two weeks.

However, it is worth noting that interest in our modular homes is growing, resulting in an increasingly long order queue. Currently, lead times are shifting to late summer or early autumn. Therefore, we encourage you to plan ahead and sign up for the order list in order to secure favourable price conditions, which we keep stable despite fluctuating material prices.

Deciding to build a modular home even before buying a plot of land can be a strategic move. By giving themselves six months to find and prepare the plot, clients can enjoy their new home just a few weeks after finalising the land purchase. This is not only time-efficient, but also a guarantee that the investment will be realised with the stable prices and high quality workmanship characteristic of WestaTre.

Precisely, at what point should potential clients get in touch with WestaTre to start their modular home project? Which moment is the best?

At WestaTre, we believe that it is never too early to start planning the construction of your dream modular home. Whether you already have a plot of land and are ready to start building or are just considering buying a home, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. Starting early allows us to present you with a wide range of design options and to plan the entire construction process to be as optimal and in line with your expectations as possible.

Experience has shown that the earlier we start working together, the better for the realisation of the project. This allows us to work together through all stages of preparation - from design selection to process optimisation to final construction work - without unnecessary haste and with the highest quality.

We understand that sometimes our clients may encounter unforeseen delays, for example in the purchase of a plot of land. In such situations, we are prepared to adjust the work schedule to best suit the client's needs, minimising any inconvenience. Our flexibility and commitment to projects means that the risks associated with waiting for a house to be completed are minimal.

In summary, the best time to start working with WestaTre is when you start thinking about your own home. Whatever stage you are at, our team is here to support you every step of this exciting journey to owning your own modular home.

It's now a question for you. Out of the entire WestaTre range, is there any model home that has particularly caught your eye?

Without a doubt, my favourite is UTEN, our interpretation of a modern barn. The first time I saw this design, I was absolutely amazed and fascinated by its unique massing - it was something I had never seen before, mainly because I had not had the opportunity to travel in the north of Europe, where such constructions are more common.

dom modułowy nowoczesna stodoła uten

UTEN stands out from other houses not only for its aesthetics, but also for its practical spatial solution. Despite a relatively small footprint of just 50 m², intelligent use of space, including a high attic, increases the area to 73 m². The house offers three bedrooms, a living room with kitchenette and, most importantly, an impressive glass wall that invites abundant natural light into the interior.

When there is a picturesque view behind this glass wall - mountains, forest or lake - the effect is simply magical. The terrace, which is an extension of the living room, further enhances the feeling of spaciousness and closeness to nature. Thus, despite its theoretically modest dimensions, UTEN gives the impression of a house with a much larger area. It is a project that perfectly combines functionality, modern design and harmony with the surroundings, making it my absolute favourite in the WestaTre range.

It's hard to disagree. Tomasz, thank you for the interview and we wish you many rewarding projects at WestaTre.

Thank you very much.

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