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GRAN - modular house 35 m2 with entresol. Discover our bestseller

The GRAN modular house draws on modern Scandinavian architecture. Its compact design and optimised room layout allow you to enjoy a space that is open to nature. Whether it is occupied by a family or holidaymakers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. What other advantages does it have? Discover our bestselling GRAN project.

Modular houses - advantages

Although still a relatively new technology in Poland, modular construction is growing in popularity. Why? Because it offers the possibility of quickly erecting a house for yourself or for an investment, without permission, which means less paperwork. It also offers advantages such as:
  • Speed of completion. The components of modular homes are manufactured in a factory, significantly reducing construction time. Where a traditional house can take months to build, a modular home can be ready for occupation in just a few weeks.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Building under controlled factory conditions minimises material waste and allows for precise cost planning. Therefore, modular homes are often more predictable in terms of budget than traditional homes.
  • Ecology and sustainability. Modular construction relies on eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions. As a result, these houses are not only environmentally friendly, but also good for the owners' pockets, reducing running costs.
  • Quality and precision. Thanks to production under controlled factory conditions, modular homes are characterised by high quality workmanship and precision details.
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Small space, great possibilities. Modular house 35 m2 with entresol

Smaller homes are the perfect option for those looking for minimalism and simplicity. They are also an alternative to expensive city centre flats. We created our GRAN project with the idea that everyone can create a comfortable space for themselves on a small footprint, and the open, glazed wall makes this modern barn part of the landscape. This is a much more comfortable and pleasant option for nature lovers outside the window and people who do not want to share a wall with their neighbours.

What other advantages do modular houses up to 35 m2 have?
  • Efficient use of space. The small footprint forces you to think creatively and make the best use of the available space. As a result, even a small interior can become extremely functional and comfortable for the occupants.
  • Faster construction. A smaller house means a shorter construction time. This means that you can enjoy your own angle much more quickly than with traditional, large houses.
  • No need for planning permission. Building a small house in Poland does not require planning permission. This not only saves time, but also means less paperwork to deal with.
  • Cost savings. A smaller house means lower construction costs, but also lower utility bills in the future. This is ideal for people who want to live economically without sacrificing comfort.
  • Proximity to nature. Houses with a small footprint are often built on plots where greenery predominates. As a result, residents can enjoy proximity to nature while having a comfortable and modern interior.
  • Simpler maintenance. A smaller space means less cleaning and easier maintenance. This is ideal for people who appreciate simplicity in their daily life.

GRAN - modular house 35 m2 with entresol

GRAN is a project that has quickly become very popular due to its compact form and ergonomics. Thanks to its modular construction technology, it is an economical and ecological solution that can easily be adapted to one's own needs and requirements. Both by people dreaming of their own four corners and by investors wishing to create a cosy space for their clients to relax in the mountains, by the sea or at the lake.

A space full of light

The GRAN project is distinguished by a perfectly illuminated interior on both floors, thanks to the use of large glazing. On the one hand, this gives the whole building a modern look, while on the other it introduces a lot of natural light into the interior, giving the impression of spaciousness.

Modular house with entresol - the ideal place to relax

The glazing extends to the functional mezzanine floor, which allows you to create a cosy corner separate from the living area. Relaxing surrounded by nature while ensuring privacy will be an unforgettable experience.

A fast and economical way to make your dreams come true

This is also a project that fits perfectly into the trend of modular construction, thus enabling the dream of owning your own home to be realised quickly and economically. And thanks to its advanced modular construction technology, GRAN is economical and easily adaptable to the varied needs and requirements of the buyer.

Technical parameters of the GRAN house

Built-in area: 34,68m2
Building width: 3,62m
Length of built-up area: 9.59m
Building height: 5,40m
Number of storeys: 1
Number of beds: 4-6


169 500 zł (net)

Find out more about the GRAN model and download a floor plan and technical specifications here →

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